Tye Raymond

    Tye Raymond (they/them)
    is a Mi’kmaw & mixed/white
    illustrator and graphic designer.

    hailing from
    west central Texas and
    coastal New Hampshire,
    they are often working in
    multimedia and
    modes of creating.
    these form of work
    culminate in an
    interest in various
    Print and Production
    fields, paying specific
    attention to the ways
    Analog and Digital
    technologies overlap 
    & inform one another.

    Tye embraces ideas
    of nostalgic feelings 
    & makes pieces and
    systems that have 
    a heavy emphasis
    on place/presence, 
    while additionally 
    developing a body 
    of work that that inspires 
    healing, growth, 
    & reciprocity while also 
    serving experimental 
    &/or  data-driven 
    design purposes.

    Projects Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Coming Soon!